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  • Firing range

Firing range

2087 m²


Our goal was to design a new shooting range in Ostrava — Mariánské Hory. The previous shooting range was unroofed, which was not optimal for the shooters due to different lightning condition as well as noisy to the people living nearby. We designed the new building to be covered with roof and submerged into the ¾ of a height into the ground.The main facilities take up around half of the floor area of the whole building. There is the entry, offices, locker rooms, common room, necessary facilities and also the shooting range for air rifles. These were due to their low noise levels placed on the above-ground level.The main shooting range is placed on the subterrain level where all the sounds would be absorbed and which would also eliminate the possibility of any unlawful or unauthorized manipulation with firearms. Firearms and ammunition are stored inside security filter composed of guns locker, handover room for guns and ammo and necessary facilities. Through this security screen all shooters must pass in order to get into the main firing range. It is divided into segments with 15 firing posts with ranges up to 50 m and a smaller commercial shooting range. There are 6 posts for shooters and the distance to the targets can be adjusted to 50 m, 25 m, 15 m or 10 m.vzdálenost k terčům se může variabilně měnit na 50, 25, 15 nebo i jen 10 metrů.
Facade of the above-ground object portion is made of light grey concrete imitation with a few windows which are together with whole-glass entry hidden behind a metal screen with decorative openings. The roof is flat and slightly inclined above the entry section, signifying the entrance. The roof itself is covered with low vegetation.