• Ball sports arena
  • Ball sports arena

Ball sports arena

8000 m²



The ČSAD repair building is located inside cadastre of Moravian Ostrava. The whole building will be renovated and will serve a new purpose – as a multifunction sports and culture arena. The main objective is to create a high-end sports facility to host basketball events of the top tier, which is missing in Ostrava. Another sports hosted will include volleybal, floorball or handball. The whole building is designed around requirements of these sports — the increase in clear height of the building and minimising the number of window opening which would negatively impact the sport matches. The main building will be extended by another repurposed from the existing building which would serve as a training hall with facilities for athletes and training areas for basketball, volleyball, floorball and also aerobic hall with small gym. By proceeding with this project there will be a new sports arena in Ostrava, fully meeting international standards for sports on the top level as well as a new place for social and cultural events.